Recycling Stewardship

Recycling Stewardship Creates Great ROI

Eventually, all batteries need to be recycled. We recycle what we sell.

Not all waste batteries generate recycling income. Depending upon Battery chemistry composition, this may preclude a recycling cost.

Our 2nd Life Lead-Acid batteries do have a residual fair market positive recycling value, and can provide recycling income from these batteries.

Currently, Lithium-Ion batteries, unless they have enough cobalt compounds in the battery, will have a negative recycling value. This can preclude that recycling them can be potentially quite costly.

Recycling Batteries Requires Forethought to Obtain a true ROI

Recycling requires forethought in making sure it is calculated in the total cost of ownership and Return on Investment (ROI) at the time of purchase. This is based upon the then current value of the batteries. We will annually appraise the recycling value when the batteries are still in service. So together, our clients can plan and budget for replacement.

Nonetheless, whether they are pay or cost to recycle, they must be recycled.

We will work with you to provide a logistics chain of custody from your premises to the end of life battery processor.