More Energy for Less Cost through Knowledge

What is an Energy Storage System?

  • Storing electricity from different sources, such as sun or wind in batteries allows your company to use electricity as needed when you need it at much lower cost.
  • Reduce or even eliminate your monthly electric bills, while improving power quality
  • Batteries types can vary, and either in chemistry or use history. We are agnostic to which battery technology is used so long as it meets the customer’s power requirements and ROI outcome.

What are 2nd Life Batteries?

2nd Life Batteries are reusable batteries that are tested, and certified for in an energy storage system. These batteries have proven capability in deployed 2nd Life batteries energy storage systems.

We currently offering  Non-Spillable, non-gassing, recyclable lead-acid batteries, that are exempt from Hazmat wet lead acid battery regulations for ease of transport.

2nd Life Batteries in an Anvil Crawler portable Containerized Solar Energy Storage System
Photo Credit: Anvil Crawler Fergus, ON Canada

Lower Cost – Fast and More ROI Investment

  •  2nd Life batteries KWH =  new batteries KWH
    • 2nd Life Batteries produce the same power outcome at lower cost
      • Significant cost savings over new Lithium-Ion & Lead-acid energy storage systems
    • An Off-grid Client realized $35,000/year savings after 2 years!

Ready to Use

  • Batteries are Packaged – Ready to Use:
    •  Container Systems ready to use – designed to meet your energy needs.
    • Plug in DC/AC power sources for Battery Recharging
      • solar/wind, Generator or Grid time of day low cost power
    • Output clean AC power. (Optionally for DC motor applications)
  • Can be sold as batteries only to pre-qualified clients.


  • Batteries are rigorously tested using our proprietary testing systems,cell by cell to make sure they meet performance criteria.
  • Certified – seal of approval – means you can trust that these batteries have 1500+ cycles – 5 years capacity, depending on the depth of discharge.
  • 3 Year warranty program


  • 10KWH to over MWH+ usable cycle capacity.
  • Single or 3 phase power output